improved reddit button for your site

Similar to our earlier improved Digg button, we’ve also created a reddit button. The button will only display for users to your site that have already been to reddit. That way for most of your traffic you can save screen space, not confuse non-reddit users, and simplify your site. However, you’ll still be able to provide an easy-to-use reddit button to your reddit-savy visitors.

Here’s an example of our reddit button in action:

If you don’t see anything here, visit, return to this site, and then press Reload or Refresh. If you want to see for yourself that this button doesn’t display to non-reddit users, bookmark this page, clear your browser history, close your browser, and then visit this page again.

How to use the button on your site
In order to use it on your site, simply include the following HTML code where you want the reddit button to appear:

You can customize the link by following the configuration directions for the original reddit button.

How does this work?
The script only displays the reddit button if is in the user’s browser history. For details on how the script knows this, you can read our earlier post on the Digg integration script.

The script should work with Internet Explorer, FireFox, Opera, Safari, and most alien technology.

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